Design Review Committee
Paul Kyzivat 
Michael Tracey
Karen Priestley
The Design Review Committee shepherds requests from Assabet Village unit owners for improvements they wish to make to their units. The committee interacts with the owner to scope out the desired work, assess conformance with the association Deed, Trust, and Rules and Regulations, and assemble a formal proposal. This proposal is then transferred to the Board of Trustees for final approval.
To start this process click the Contact Us link, select Design Review Committee from the Send To field, fill in the other information and send it. A member of the Design Review will contact you to start the process. To complete the process you may later need to supply some or all of the following documents:
  • Scope of the work
  • Who will do the work? (E.g., a contractor or the owner)
  • Plans or diagrams of the project
  • Building permits
  • Anticipated schedule for the work
The actual documents will be determined after initial discussions.