About Us
A Board of Trustees is elected by residents of the village and consists of five of their own village neighbors. The mission of the Board is to ensure fiscally responsible stewardship in the management of condominium funds to ensure that Assabet Village is a safe, secure and serene place to live.  Assabet Village is managed on a day-to-day basis by a professional property management company that is, in turn, managed by the Board.  The Board primarily focuses on long term planning for the condominium and maintaining an up-to-date set of Rules and Regulations that govern the use of the Village by its residents. Click here for a snapshot of the rules and regulations.
The Trustees regard timely communications to residents to be a responsibility of key importance. The Association holds one Annual scheduled Unit Owner’s Meeting when the Board presents financial and operational updates and general information.  There are also additional Unit Owner’s meetings, as may be needed, to present information in a gathering of the community. Routine or urgent information can be communicated to owners by email or phone.  Information of community interest is also posted on the bulletin boards at the main entry way strategically located at the mail boxes.  The Property Management Company sends out critical mailings via USPS to all unit owners.  Of course, the community’s website has a plethora of relevant information about our community and planned activities or events.